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MayPenBorn is a distinctive record label that draws inspiration from the renowned clocktower in May Pen, Jamaica. As a result of its innovative approach, the label has expanded beyond its founder's birthplace, with a strong emphasis on diversity and a deep-seated passion for its mission statement. MayPenBorn has evolved from a label with a specific audience in mind to a multi-genre platform that provides new music with dynamic energy. The label's dedicated team works tirelessly to fulfil its promise to the world. In addition to unique new music, MayPenBorn specializes in creating unique digitalart NFTs and instrumental beats to enhance its brand. With now an integrated merchandise store and a new instrumental marketplace, you can now Buy beats online.

From Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, Dance, Afro-beats to Dancehall we have instrumentals to suit all singing/rap styles. Check out our range of beats that include free downloads to various types of leasing & licences. Wether you are a singer, rapper or experimentalist browse now and choose the perfect instrumental for your next project. All file types available from WAV/MP3 to Stem files.


With the digital world advancing at an alarming rate, now is the perfect time to own your very own unique digital art (NFT). Designed with thought and linked with a range of benefits and rewards, Click to view our outlets & browse our available mints. We have new projects minting throughout the year so subscribe now to kept informed of new mints, airdrops & giveaways, releases, new merchandise, tour dates and much more

Get updates, new releases, upcoming events, new mints, collaborations, purchase beats, merchandise and more directly to your inbox.

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