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If you're looking for a vocalist with a unique style and exceptional talent, Harkaynian is one to watch. He incorporates a range of genres into his music, creating exclusive beats that are sure to captivate listeners. His versatility is evident in his recent releases, showcasing his exceptional ability as a musician. At MayPenBorn, we're proud to have a team of exceptional musicians who approach their craft with a distinctive flair, creating new music that sets us apart from the rest. We're more than just a record label, we're a family of innovators who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in music. Whether you're looking for strong new music, beats to buy online, or digital art NFTs, MayPenBorn is your one-stop-shop for exceptional creativity and unmatched talent.

Picture of Harkaynian
Picture Of Harkaynian
Picture Of Harkaynian

The time is now to stream Harkaynian on your favourite music streaming services, subscribe, and follow to be kept in the loop and be among the first to hear his new projects. He has hot new music releases across a variety of genres, including Dancehall, Hybrid Afro Rock, Electronic Dance & EDM, and future projects and collaborations are in the works. Harkaynian is renowned for his cross-breed production technique, which combines several genres to produce something wholly original to him that cannot be replicated even when tried. It has frequently been assumed that his tracks have numerous vocalists, but in reality, his distinct flow and natural ability to switch between voices are two talents he possesses. Start listening to Harkaynian on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify by clicking the links below.

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