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Meet Ceekaih, the dancehall niceguy writing and acting out his script in the music game with his infectious charm and undeniable talent. Straight outta Linstead, St. Catherine, this Jamaican entertainer breaks the mold of your typical hardcore dancehall bad boy.

In a genre known for tough hardcore personas, Ceekaih stands out as an embodiment of pleasant positivity and charm. With a lovable, cheerful, personality, he's enjoying the craft and making his mark on the music world with his magnetic persona.


Known for his wit and cheerful demeanor, he's earned the moniker "dancehall niceguy" for good reason. His style is packed with excellent wordplay and witty phrases that keep fans on their toes and grooving to his tunes.


From the catchy hooks of "Joe" and "Lil Rich Boy" to the soul-baring verses of "Insecure" "Best Confessions" and "Forever," Ceekaih's music is a rollercoaster of emotions that's impossible to resist. With new and upcoming releases like "Victory" produced by Riddim Addict Records and "Emotions" produced by Benz Red Square, Ceekaih is showing no signs of slowing down.


Keep an ear out for his untitled release by May Pen Born Music, sure to be another banger from Ceekaih, the dancehall niceguy who's bringing his vibes to dancehall.

Dancehall Niceguy



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