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Now is the ideal opportunity for you to acquire a distinctive NFT Digital Art connected to Maypenborn, as digital art is on the rise. Each non-fungible token comes with a number of advantages, such as royalty shares, special access to forthcoming performances and tours, and much more. Make sure your digital wallet is set up in order to begin collecting these one-of-a-kind works of art now that more of it is emerging and you have the option to buy with a variety of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and more. You may access digital wallets through websites like, Coinbase,, and one of the most well-liked ones, Metamask, giving you a fantastic opportunity to participate in airdrops and more. Connected to one of our Beats for sale & music production you can find these digital masterpieces are linked to a direct music project giving you a dedicated usage as collection owners.  Get in touch with NFTMetaparadise on social media right away to learn more about current and upcoming projects.

Benedict Croc-fotor-bg-remover-202401148315.png
Tyson (Gypsie King) #14-fotor-bg-remover-202401148336.png

Meta Opti Clops is a collection of Meta Clop artworks created by Harkaynian. The collection is made up of 21 original pieces you will not find anywhere else. This collection entitles collection holders discounted access to Maypenborn's instrumentals, full ownership of that specific piece of collection to do as you wish, discounted tickets to all future Harkaynian & Maypenborn's tours, concerts  & performances plus access to the website so you can keep up to date with all future drops, releases, instrumentals & more. By owning a piece of the collection you will be supporting and growing with us.  Grab your self a piece of the collection and connect with us.

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